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Takaishi Takeru
Japanese Name: Takaishi Takeru
English Name: Takaishi TK
Digimon: Poyomon-Tokomon-Patamon-Angemon-MagnaAngemon-Seraphimon-Pegasusmon-Shakkoumon
Siblings: One older brother, Matt Ishida
Family: Mother (Nancy) and Father (divorced), Grandmother, Uncle Al
Crest/DigiEgg: Hope

Be All Right... (01 Theme)
Focus (02 Single)
Steppin' Out (02 Single with Patamon)
Target ~ Akai Shougeki (Special Track with Zero Two Boys & their Digimon)

Digimon Adventure

Age: 8
Grade: 2
School: Odaiba Elementary
Brought to the DigiWorld: Backpack full of candy
English Voice: Wendee Lee
Japanese Voice: Konishi Hiroko
Aquires Crest: On a rock wall in "Prisoner in the Pyramid"

Digimon Zero Two

Age: 13
Grade: 7/8
Hobby: Basketball
English Voice: Doug Erholtz
Japanese Voice: Yamamoto Taisuke
Aquires DigiEgg: In a cave in "A New Digitude"

After Digimon Zero Two

Age: 38
Occupation: Author
Children: One son

(I think that in "A Million Points of Light" TK and Kari are married and Kari just took one son ahead to the reunion and TK followed after he finished his novel with their other son.)

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